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The first Singapore Vegan Festival will be an experience replete with information, entertainment, fabulous food and more. The festival will bring together the best vegan delights in Singapore, across cuisines, cultures and expectations. From local delights to vegan biryani to fine Japanese and Greek food, expect a plethora of food experiences that promise to wow you.

Singapore Vegan Festival is aimed at spreading awareness about plant-based food and proving that vegan doesn’t mean boring. There is an abundance of fabulous vegan food in Singapore that it intends to showcase. Geared towards encouraging vegans to explore fresh options and offer interesting alternatives for those who are curious about a vegan lifestyle, the festival will embrace people of all food preferences – vegans, vegetarians, omnivores, flexitarians and the vegan-curious. Expect it to be a vegan food paradise that opens avenues, offers options and showcases an ethical opportunity without being judgmental.

An array of market stalls of vegan products, vegan food and beverages will be on offer – think cashew cheese, vegan wines, dairy-free ice-cream, almond cappuccinos, nut butters, tempeh, gluten-free & dairy-free chocolate cupcakes, vegan doughnuts, infused olive oils, fresh organic veggies and so much more.

To be held at the Atrium Ballroom of the centrally located Raffles City Convention Centre, the event will be held in two sessions – 11AM to 3PM and 4PM to 8PM.

For the last 2 years, EatRoamLive has been a resource for vegetarians and vegans, aiming to make plant-based food more accessible and more affordable. With ample food reviews, restaurant suggestions and vegan recipes, along with Vegan Dining Events and Vegan Farmer’s Markets. We are now doing our best to leave no stone unturned in working to create an event that will be an experience to remember for vegans, the intrigued and just about everybody else.