Visit EatRoamLive for Singapore Vegan Festival 2021

The Singapore Vegan Festival 2021 (SVF) is back for the third time and this time under the umbrella of the much celebrated annual Singapore Food Festival. After the success of the first ever Singapore Vegan Festival in 2019 and the virtual edition in 2020, a third edition was warranted, so brace yourself for an experience replete with information, entertainment, fabulous food and more!

Keeping up with the times and in sync with the new normal, this will be a one of a kind festival which will recreate the ultimate vegan experience for attendees. Whether virtual, physical or global, everyone will have an opportunity to participate, learn and have fun across multiple touch points and truly feely engaged.

Singapore Vegan Festival is aimed at spreading awareness about plant-based food products and proving that vegan doesn’t equal boring. There is an abundance of amazing vegan options in Singapore that keep increasing every year. Geared towards encouraging vegans to explore fresh options and offer interesting alternatives for those who are curious about a vegan lifestyle, the festival embraces vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and non vegans too!

SVF 2021’s model will be new, fresh and very innovative. Since getting everyone under one roof all at one time may not be feasible, there are going to be multiple avenues across a period of 10 days for people to participate in and enjoy the festival. 

The event will span over ten days between 27th August & 5th September culminating with a two day on-ground festival showcasing some amazing ethical brands and a wide range of vegan and cruelty free products available in Singapore. On the days leading up to the physical festival, you can expect to see multiple local vegan food tours, gourmet dining events and limited period plant based menus across leading vegan and vegan friendly restaurants of Singapore. There is also going to be an interesting schedule of talks, panel discussions and cooking classes with celebrity chefs and global influencers.

For the last 3 years, EatRoamLive has been a resource for vegetarians and vegans, aiming to make plant-based food more accessible and more affordable. With ample food reviews, restaurant suggestions and vegan recipes, along with Vegan Dining Events and Vegan Farmer’s Markets, we are now doing our best to leave no stone unturned in working to create an event that will be an experience to remember for vegans, the intrigued and just about everybody else.