11:30 PM – Our Plate & the Planet by Vegan Keno (Ambaree); Kids’ Workshop

A 30-minute interactive session for KIDS aged 6 and above (parents are welcome to join). Ambaree’s interactive sessions for children are packed with information and demonstrations that convey an important message about the planet. Her sessions are done using fun props and methods that kids can relate to. This session will be a presentation about how big the impact of our food choices is on the planet along with some demonstrations. The demonstrations will help the audience understand how each of us can participate in mitigating global issues like Deforestation, Water Scarcity, World Hunger, Carbon Footprint on a daily basis, everytime we eat. We do not need to wait for international policy makers to save the planet. We can do it ourselves.

12:30 PM – Eat Like a Hero by Cat Yeo

Nourish your body with plants; find balance in your life, while being fit, saving the planet and the animals. Cat is a Functional Fitness, Movement & Dance Instructor with 18 years experience in the industry. 2 years ago, she embarked on a Plant-Based diet and now she passionately shares her knowledge of how it benefited her health and improved her athletic performance.

1:00 PM – Panel Discussion: Plant-Based Fitness, Health &  Nutrition. Dispel common myths and overcome barriers

Join our Plant-Strong panelists as they share information on why and how a Plant-Based diet can be optimal for your health and the fitness. They will dispel common myths and tell you how to get over the usual barriers to adopting a plant-based diet.

2:00 PM – Tomatoes Symphony & Bringing Plant-Based Culture to Haute Cuisine Levels (Cooking & Plating Demo, Talk) by Chef Damian Piedrhita

Tomatoes Symphony is a dish desgined to create an experience via the senses — including taste, sight, smell, and touch. Playing with the contrast of colours, applying different cooking techniques to obtain different textures, a wide range of taste nuances and a complex nutritional balance, Tomatoes Symphony is an icon that expands the borders of gastronomy. Chef Damian will also talk about the art of Plating and bringing Plant-Based Culture to Haute Cuisine Levels. Please note that some ingredients will need to be pre-prepped and Chef will explain the cooking procedure with slides and recipes. He will create the Garlic-Avocado Mayo and Caper Caviar at the demo and bring together all the ingredients/elements to plate the dish. Buy tickets here.

4:00 PM – Raw Vegan Cheese (Cashew + Macadamia) Demo by Raw Chef Yin

Healthier, tastier nut-based cheese that is • Easy to make • Delicious • Dairy-free • Fuss-free • No cooking needed • No fermentation required. Learn new creative ideas on how to flavour your cheeses with surprising ingredients, and even include a superfood boost in them. Chef Yin will demonstrate 4 flavours on the day:
1. Blu Cheese (using the superfood Spirulina) | 2. Gochugaru | 3. Pink pepper corn | 4. Surprise | Buy tickets here.

5:30 PM – Cupcake Decoration (for Kids) with Vegan Cupcakes and Vegan Frosting, by ROA & Naked Cakes

Parents & kids can join ROA & Naked Cakes for some fun as they provide you with vegan cupcakes and vegan frosting for your little ones to play around with and decorate. Fun, fun, fun!

6:45 PM – Climate Change: One Bite at a Time by Kelvin Ng, Green Monday

While most of us are aware that transportation systems, heavy industries and coal-generated electric power continue to spew black smoke into our atmosphere and adversely affect the environment, few until recently understand that foods we eat are also the culprit of global warming. Let Green Monday show how anyone and everyone can be an agent for change.